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When you have a large team involved in Ecommerce projects and operations, the Enterprise license offers the best way to upskill the existing team and onboard new employees. It is an excellent fit for an organization that is expanding its internal Ecommerce team or is a software company that provides Ecommerce services.

By incorporating Ecommerce training in your onboarding process, you will ensure that all your employees know Ecommerce fundamentals, the latest trends, and best practices.

The Enterprise license gives perpetual, unlimited access to the Course to all your employees, identified by their corporate email address. Access to the Course includes all future additions and enhancements.

CommerIsDigital will provide you with monthly reports showing your employees’ progress and course completion results. Upon successfully passing the Course’s final test, a student will receive the Course Completion Certificate.

"Online training from CommerceIsDigital is must-have for any organization involved in the implementation of Ecommerce Initiatives. Deep knowledge and understanding of digital commerce it provides are invaluable. If you are an agency providing Ecommerce services, all your employees will benefit from getting an expert level understanding of the Digital Commerce domain. I especially recommend using this course for onboarding new members of your team. At CustomSoft we achieved great results by incorporating the online course “Digital Commerce for YOUR Business” in the onboarding process for employees in different roles - sales, project managers, developers, and others."

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Increase Revenue

Increase revenue by learning & adopting Ecommerce best practices

deliver faster

Faster implementation driven by knowledge

reduce cost

Save money by implementing the right solutions from the start and avoiding rework

What Others Say

Disclaimer: I have been working with Michael at Spryker, so I might be a bit biased and my expectations were quite high. After I had the pleasure to participate in Michaels courses, I can state, that I only can recommend it to everyone, who wants to get a deep overview and insights. Michaels trainings are soaked with hands-on-experience, real-live examples and usecases and touch all aspects of digital commerce. You want to “become great at Digital Commerce Implementation”? Then these trainings are for you.

Matthias Kannegiesser

Director Project Management, Spryker

Creating a great ecommerce and digital strategy is crucial to the success of an online business. What I consider even more important, it to have a clear understanding of the possibilities and terminology in the teams to make this process more effective and innovative. I would recommend the course "Digital Commerce for YOUR Business" to any company planning their strategy, for eCommerce teams, eCommerce Managers, Online Marketing Managers, Customer Success Managers in the eCommerce industry, but also for decision makers looking to understand important things to consider. The value of learning from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced eCommerce strategists - Michael Vax - lies in systematically understanding and at the same time getting inspired to develop own ideas. Following the eCommerce canvas has been incredibly helpful to me to map and structure business capabilities and provide more value to our customers

Lily Kriegs

Senior Team Manager - Client Success Management at Cleverbridge

This course offers great insights into the details and challenges of the current e-commerce landscape. For beginners, it is an excellent introduction into the field, while for experts, it points out the crucial new demands that have arisen in the last years. 5 of 5 stars.

Helmut Myritz

Principal Program Manager, Spryker

I truly enjoyed the course and got a chance to expand my knowledge. It is a perfect combination of big experience and endless curiosity for e-commerce. It will do both, help to form a bigger picture and envision the possibilities of your commerce tools, and point at small important details you might not know about yet. My biggest recommendations for everyone, who has a goal to transforms their business

Egle Ragauskaite

Partner Success Manager, Spryker


My name is Michael Vax, and I created these courses and Digital Commerce Canvas framework to help businesses to plan and manage their digital initiatives. I am an Ecommerce industry veteran with 30 years of IT experience, including more than a decade as an  executive leading the development of top enterprise Ecommerce platforms and helping customers to move their business online.

In the past, I was fortunate to work for such industry leaders as Hybris (SAP), Spryker, and Elasticpath. During these years, I helped many customers to develop innovative commerce solutions, and I am looking forward to sharing these experiences with you.

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