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Get advice on roadmap development, prioritization, and best practices


Marco y capacitación de Digital Commerce Canvas desarrollados por Michael Vax. Michael es un veterano de la industria del comercio electrónico que lideraba el desarrollo de plataformas de comercio electrónico empresarial en Hybris, Spryker y Elasticpath. Tiene más de 15 años de experiencia ayudando a muchos clientes a innovar y mover sus negocios en línea.

Para ver cómo Michael puede ayudarlo, consulte sus cursos de capacitación o comuníquese con él.

La formación y la consultoría están diseñadas


Product Managers & Business Analysts

Obtiene un marco y conocimiento para organizar y priorizar los requisitos de una manera estructurada y compartir la visión comercial con los líderes empresariales y el equipo de desarrollo. Digital Commerce Canvas ayuda a adoptar las mejores prácticas de la industria y evita reinventar la rueda

Líderes del negocio

Obtiene una imagen clara de las necesidades de comercio digital de su empresa, aprende sobre prácticas comprobadas de diferentes industrias y utiliza el lienzo de comercio digital para analizar la competencia.

Líderes tecnológicos

Utiliza la capacitación para mejorar las habilidades de su equipo y aprender los mejores enfoques de implementación y patrones de diseño.
El lienzo de comercio digital le ofrece un enfoque de arriba hacia abajo para evaluar las soluciones tecnológicas. Le brinda una instantánea rápida de cómo se ve un proyecto desde una perspectiva a vista de pájaro y una excelente manera de alinear a su equipo

Equipo de desarrollo

The development team gets comprehensive training on the Ecommerce domain, uses standard terminology, and has a shared understanding of project scope and requirements



Michael has been instrumental in building out the market-leading Commerce functionality of SAP Hybris across numerous industries.

He is an Ecommerce veteran with unique insider knowledge of the Ecommerce domain and the latest technology and business trends.

Moritz Zimmermann

Co-founder & CTO of Hybris (SAP Customer Experience)



Michael is an experienced and knowledgeable product and digital commerce expert. With deep understanding of the software vendor side as well as customer challenges he can perfectly connect the dots and build complex, sophisticated products to address those needs. Michael can work in cross functional high performance teams and was instrumental in bringing some of our key products to market. He is broadly interested in new technologies, products and approaches.

Boris Lokschin

CEO at Spryker Systems



Michael’s structured and thorough approach helped us to define the roadmap for our complex B2B project. He worked effectively and proactively with stakeholders at all levels, gave us invaluable advice, and significantly improved decision-making. Michael’s deep knowledge of the Ecommerce domain will benefit any company working on complex digital commerce implementation.

Thomas Forkel

Product Owner, Wöhner GmbH & Co.KG

We have engaged Michael to review BetterCommerce capabilities and help to tune up its market positioning and future roadmap. Michael has exceptional knowledge of the Ecommerce domain and the industry. The structure and rigor that he brought to the project were invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending him for his expertise, the focus he had on our needs, and his ability to engage effortlessly with stakeholders at all levels of the business. He works fast and delivers results.

Vikram Saxena

Founder | CEO BetterCommerce – Headless Commerce for mid-market retailers

Zolemba is a leading manufacturer of not only ever-popular blank labels suitable for a wide range of sectors, however, also in custom printed labels. Zolemba requires in-depth complex and unconventional e-commerce specifications. We have engaged Michael to analyze our needs and advise recommendations on a new e-commerce platform and strategy.

Using his well-structured Digital Commerce Canvas methodology Michael has helped us to define our Digital Strategy, meanwhile recommending best practices that benefit Zolemba’s business. Michael has an encyclopedic knowledge of Digital Commerce. I highly recommend him to any company looking for commerce innovation.

Marthijn Kieneker

CEO, Zolemba

Creating a great ecommerce and digital strategy is crucial to the success of an online business. What I consider even more important, it to have a clear understanding of the possibilities and terminology in the teams to make this process more effective and innovative. I would recommend the course "Digital Commerce for YOUR Business" to any company planning their strategy, for eCommerce teams, eCommerce Managers, Online Marketing Managers, Customer Success Managers in the eCommerce industry, but also for decision makers looking to understand important things to consider. The value of learning from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced eCommerce strategists - Michael Vax - lies in systematically understanding and at the same time getting inspired to develop own ideas. Following the eCommerce canvas has been incredibly helpful to me to map and structure business capabilities and provide more value to our customersAdd testimonial description here. Edit and place your own text.

Lily Kriegs

Senior Team Manager - Client Success Management at Cleverbridge