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Ecommerce Courses


  • More than 10 hours of on-demand video
  • Hundreds real-life examples
  • 80 Interactive Exercises
  • Constantly updated with new trends and best practices
  •  Certificate of completion
  • Vendor independent
  • Covers all building blocks of Ecommerce project
  • Training format and content can be customized for your company
    Self-paced or instructor-led
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Flexible Licensing Options

Enterprise License

All employees of the company get unlimited access to online courses

Group Discounts

Purchase group licenses for different departments in your company

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Online training from CommerceIsDigital is must-have for any organization involved in the implementation of Ecommerce Initiatives. Deep knowledge and understanding of digital commerce it provides are invaluable. If you are an agency providing Ecommerce services, all your employees will benefit from getting an expert level understanding of the Digital Commerce domain. I especially recommend using this course for onboarding new members of your team.

At CustomSoft we achieved great results by incorporating the online courses in the onboarding process for employees in different roles - sales, project managers, developers, and others.

Octavian Dumitrescu

CEO, CustomSoft

Creating a great ecommerce and digital strategy is crucial to the success of an online business. What I consider even more important, it to have a clear understanding of the possibilities and terminology in the teams to make this process more effective and innovative. I would recommend the course "Digital Commerce for YOUR Business" to any company planning their strategy, for eCommerce teams, eCommerce Managers, Online Marketing Managers, Customer Success Managers in the eCommerce industry, but also for decision makers looking to understand important things to consider. The value of learning from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced eCommerce strategists - Michael Vax - lies in systematically understanding and at the same time getting inspired to develop own ideas. 

Lily Kriegs

Senior Team Manager - Client Success Management at Cleverbridge

I truly enjoyed the course and got a chance to expand my knowledge. It is a perfect combination of big experience and endless curiosity for e-commerce. It will do both, help to form a bigger picture and envision the possibilities of your commerce tools, and point at small important details you might not know about yet. My biggest recommendation for everyone, who has a goal to transform their business

Egle Ragauskaite

Partner Success Manager, Spryker

Michael Vax had a very thorough program for anyone looking to learn about the space of B2B Digital Commerce. Not only does the course dive into B2B Digital Commerce fundamentals, it also discusses adjacent categories to better demonstrate how B2B Digital Commerce fits into a B2B merchant's digital supply chain. Michael complements his online self-serve content with some awesome live discussion, exercise walk throughs and Q/A sessions that serve to enhance the overall learning experience. I would recommend Michael and his courses without hesitation for his domain expertise within B2B Digital Commerce and his innate ability to translate complex subjects in a simplified manner.

Surya Sirisetti

Viva Commerce



Michael is an experienced and knowledgeable product and digital commerce expert. With deep understanding of the software vendor side as well as customer challenges he can perfectly connect the dots and build complex, sophisticated products to address those needs. Michael can work in cross functional high performance teams and was instrumental in bringing some of our key products to market. He is broadly interested in new technologies, products and approaches.

Boris Lokschin

CEO at Spryker Systems

This course offers great insights into the details and challenges of the current e-commerce landscape. For beginners, it is an excellent introduction into the field, while for experts, it points out the crucial new demands that have arisen in the last years. 5 of 5 stars.

Helmut Myritz

Principal Program Manager, Spryker



Michael has been instrumental in building out the market-leading Commerce functionality of SAP Hybris across numerous industries.

He is an Ecommerce veteran with unique insider knowledge of the Ecommerce domain and the latest technology and business trends.

Moritz Zimmermann

Co-founder & CTO of Hybris (SAP Customer Experience)

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What students get

Increase Revenue

Adopt Ecommerce best practices and the latest trends

deliver faster

Successful Implementations driven by knowledge

reduce RISK & cost

The right solutions from the start to avoid rework

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How is this training different?

While other Ecommerce courses are focused on entrepreneurial aspects of Ecommerce, the courses offered by CommerceIsDigital teach how to implement digital commerce systems using the latest technology and best practices.

Do you need to be a developer to take the course?

No, technical skills are not required to benefit from the training.

Who would benefit from the training?

Everybody working in an Ecommerce agency needs to have deep knowledge of Ecommerce. The business courses are designed for salespeople, leadership teams, account managers, and support.
The Ecommerce Implementation courses will benefit all members of a project implementation team: developers, business analysts, interface designers, project managers, and quality assurance.

Do students receive a certificate?

Students are issued the Certificate of Completion after finishing the course and exercises.

Will students benefit from the course if they already work for an e-commerce company?

Yes. The structured and comprehensive approach will expand learners’ Ecommerce knowledge and allow them to apply it to various projects.

Can training content be modified according to our business requirements?

Yes, We can discuss your business needs and adjust the course curriculum accordingly.

Do you offer in-person training?

Yes, you can request instructor-led training either online or on-premises.

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The courses are designed by an eCommerce veteran - Michael Vax.

Michael led product development at several major eCommerce platforms: VP of Product at Spryker Systems, Head of Product at SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris), Chief Technology and Product Officer at WebInterpret, and Chief Technology Officer at Elastic Path

Throughout his extensive career, Michael has assisted numerous businesses in implementing B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions across a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, grocery stores, restaurants, telecommunications, finance, travel, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

He is the author of the book “AI-Powered – Ecommerce” and is a regular speaker on podcasts and industry events. Follow Michael on LinkedIn.

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Harness AI Advantage

AI-Powered Ecommerce is the ultimate resource for professionals who want to understand and utilize AI’s transformative potential. It is the blueprint for understanding and applying AI, giving your business just the edge you’ve been waiting for.

The book aims to guide your exploration of the strategic implications of Artificial Intelligence for an online business. It’s not a technical manual or a list of -by-step instructions. Look at it as a toolkit designed to aid you, eCommerce professionals and entrepreneurs, extract the best from what AI offers to enhance and revolutionize your business.


Readers get a detailed analysis of eCommerce use cases for leveraging AI, recommendations on developing an AI vision and strategy for their business, and selecting the best technology to implement it.

Ecommerce training by Michael Vax

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