Digital Commerce for B2B Business

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About the Course

A growing number of B2B buyers, specifically millennials,  now prefer to engage with suppliers through digital and self-service channels. Gartner predicts that by 2024, 15% of B2B organizations will use digital commerce platforms to support both their customers and sales reps in all sales activities. B2B digital commerce implementations are complex and require special skills and knowledge.

The course Digital Commerce for B2B Business explores in great detail all aspects of B2B commerce implementation. It empowers your team with digital commerce skills and knowledge of best practices and approaches.

Course Content


● B2B buyers and sellers have gone digital in a major way ● What started as a crisis response to pandemic has become the next normal ● More than three quarters of buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions ● B2B buyers are ready to make large new purchases and reorders online ● Majority of B2B organizations are missing Ecommerce-specific skillset

Part 1. B2B Commerce Business

B2B Commerce Market Size & Trends

● Magnitudes bigger than B2C● Ecommerce for different types of B2B companies -manufacturers, distributors, whole-sellers, service providers ●Today’s customers expect that purchasing experiences will happen in an “Amazon-like” way ● Omnichannel ● Cloud adoption ● Personalization ● Adaptation of best B2C practices ● Broader choice of payment methods ● B2B Enterprise Marketplaces

What makes B2B Commerce Special

● Customer is an organization ● Focus on productivity ● Collaborative buying process ● Empowering internal sales force ● B2B Customer Journeys ● Workflows

Digital Commerce Challenges facing B2B Companies

● Channel conflict ● Product data are not ready to be presented online ● Lack of skills in implementing and operating Ecommerce projects ● Collecting, storing, and analyzing customer data ● Adapting new distribution modes ● Inflexible pricing models

Part 2. B2B Commerce Implementation

Introduction to B2B Commerce Implementation

● The implementation part of the course is based on the Digital Commerce Canvas framework focusing on B2B specific functionality. ● The course also includes additional lessons on B2B Integrations, Modern Ecommerce Architecture, Adopting best practices from B2C, Selecting B2B Ecommerce platform, and others

Digital Commerce Canvas for B2B Business


● B2B Customer is a business, not an individual. ● Defining organization structure and user roles. ● Customer Authentication. ● customer segmentation in B2B ● Migrating current customers ● Credit check

Channels In Digital Commerce

● Channel conflict ● Omnichannel in B2B ● Inhouse sales force and Ecommerce. ● Selling on 3rd party marketplaces. ● Things Commerce (IoT) ● Distributors & resellers

Products and Catalog

 ● Defining catalog’s taxonomy ● Product Options and Bundles ● Alternative & discontinued products ● Packaging and measurement units ● Enabling search by customer-specific SKU ● Products compatibility and product relations ● Selling complex products with Configurable Products, CPQ, and guided selling


● Product relations ● up/cross-sell ● Bundles ● Configurable Bundles ● Searchandising ● Dynamic Merchandising & Personalization

Product Discovery

● Categories & filters ● Product search ● Helping Customers to Choose the Right Product ● SEO ● Digital Twins ● Publishing marketing and technical product information  ● Customer-specific SKUs


● Regular and Sales prices ● Net & Gross Prices ● Volume and Tiered Prices ● Customer Specific price lists and prenegotiated prices ● Retrieving prices from ERP  ● Pricing custom-built products ● Dynamic pricing


● B2B Promotion strategies ● Loyalty program for B2B ● Free delivery ● restricting promotion visibility

Shopping Cart Optimized for Productivity

● Bulk add to cart ● Multiple, and shared carts ● Cart notes ● Shopping lists ● Reordering ● Search by SKU ● Calculating availability


● Approval process ● Request for Quote ● Calculating availability and delivery dates ● B2B Checkout flow ● Punchout integration ● Order Confirmation and status updates ● Budget control

B2B Payments

● Credit limits ● Paying by bank transfer ●  Credit cards ● Invoices ● Wire transfers ● Checks  ● Customer-specific payment method availability

Order Management

● Order Confirmation and status updates ● Order history ● Order modifications ● Cancelation & Returns ● Order Processing ● Split shipments ● Integration with ERP & OMS

Additional topics

Modern Ecommerce Architecture

● Composable ● Headless ● Cloud

Selecting Ecommerce platform

● The right feature set for your business ● Assessing technology fit ● The ability of the vendor to support the implementation

Best practices to adopt from B2C Ecommerce

● What B2B commerce can learn from B2C ● Focus on customer experience and UX  ● Well structured and enriched product data ● Content marketing and telling brand story  ● Advanced search and filtering  ● Loyalty programs and user-generated content  ● Customer self-service and administration ● Dropshipping

Empowering Internal Sales team

● How to make your sales team excited about Ecommerce ● Salespeople as advisors ● Facilitate self-service for simple repetitive orders ● Allow salespeople to place orders on behalf of customers ● Empower sales team with storefront functionality available to them only

Integrations in B2B Commerce

● Common integrations in B2B commerce implementation ● Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  ● Product Information Management (PIM)  ●  Content Management Systems (CMS) ● Configure Price Quote (CPQ) ● Order Management Systems (OMS)

B2B Business as Digital Marketplace

● Transform your business in Enterprise marketplace ● Benefits ● Implementation

What you'll get

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My name is Michael Vax, and I created this course and Digital Commerce Canvas framework to help businesses to plan and manage their digital initiatives. I am an Ecommerce industry veteran with 30 years of IT experience, including more than a decade as an  executive leading the development of top enterprise Ecommerce platforms and helping customers to move their business online.

In the past, I was fortunate to work for such industry leaders as Hybris (SAP), Spryker, and Elasticpath. During these years, I helped many customers to develop innovative commerce solutions, and I am looking forward to sharing these experiences with you.

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