Digital Commerce Canvas
a better way to plan YOUR
Ecommerce Initiative

Digital Commerce Canvas is a new, well-structured, top-down methodology to discover, describe, and highlight your Ecommerce project’s most essential elements. It incorporates an extensive library of ecommerce knowledge and proven best practices from different industries and businesses.

Canvas consists of 4 color-coded sections and 11 segments described in articles below.

Who are your customers, and how do you reach them?


Explore differences between B2B and B2C customers and how to approach customer segmentation and leverage customer data to get valuable insights

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All commerce is digital. Explore digital channels to reach your customers – online & physical stores, social media, chat, IoT, marketplaces

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What are your products and offers?


Learn about different product types from a Digital Commerce perspective (physical products, services, subscriptions, configurable products, product options, gift cards, …)

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Content The term Merchandising comes from retail and refers to activities that promote sales, especially by presenting and positioning products in the store. It includes

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Product discovery

Success in digital commerce depends on how easy it is for customers to discover the products they need. Read about categorization, search & filtering, product content, product comparison, SEO, and other techniques.

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What is your approach to pricing?


Every product has a price – a number with a currency sign. There are many different types of pricing you can employ in the business (regular, sale, recurring, volume pricing with multiple tiers, per usage pricing, and other price dimensions)

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Promotions offer incentives to customers to buy certain products or services Understand the actions and conditions of promotions; learn how to use different types of coupons and referral & loyalty programs

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What are your products and offers?

Shopping cart

Shopping cart is the heart of the Ecommerce. Learn what to consider when implementing Add-to-Cart experience, support for multiple & shared carts in B2, cart page, wish lists, and recover abandoned carts

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The checkout flow is critical for the business. Avoid common mistakes. Discover the pros & cons of one-page , multistep, mobile checkouts, registered vs. guest, and how to provide a distraction-free experience.

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Learn about selecting payment providers and payment methods for your business (credit cards, bank transfers, recurring payments, payments in installments, gift cards, invoices, eWallets, cash on delivery, and others)

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Order management

Learn how to process an order to ensure great customer experience, build closer relationship with a customer to encourage further business, and handle returns and cancellations

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Build Canvas for Your Business

Training courses based on the Digital Commerce Canvas

Digital Commerce for YOUR Business

This course gives a comprehensive overview of the essential digital commerce disciplines, with practical tips to get your Ecommerce project to the next level. It will provide you with an expert level understanding of the Digital Commerce domain and the skills required to define and implement a successful digital commerce roadmap for your business. The course is based on Digital Commerce Canvas and covers the main building blocks of any Ecommerce project. It uses hundreds of digital commerce examples from different businesses and industries to teach you best practices and give you a structured approach to the digital commerce roadmap.

Digital Commerce for Retailers

This course is a deep dive into critical disciplines of digital commerce for retailers. You will learn how to implement a true omnichannel experience that blurs boundaries between online and physical retail. The training gives you a set of powerful tools and techniques to personalize all steps of a customer’s journey. You will discover how to implement omnichannel fulfillment with Click & Collect, product discovery online & in-store, and advanced merchandising & searchandising techniques.

Digital Commerce for B2B

This advanced course will deliver the knowledge you need to implement Ecommerce functionality for B2B business. It explores best practices, tools, and techniques to create the customer experience optimized for productivity and support online sales of complex products and services. You will learn how to implement a purchasing process that supports collaboration and complex workflows. You will get insights into developing backend integrations and how to use online commerce to empower the internal sales team.

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