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All Commerce is Digital

In the last 15 years, I led the development at Ecommerce platforms leaders – Hybris, Spryker, and Elasticpath. I was fortunate and privileged to work with amazing companies on shaping their Ecommerce vision. I believe that any business benefits from digital commerce, regardless of its industry, market, business type, or location.

"Michael has been instrumental in building out the market-leading Commerce functionality of SAP Hybris across numerous industries. He is an Ecommerce veteran with unique insider knowledge of the Ecommerce domain and the latest technology and business trends."
Moritz Zimmermann
Co-founder & CTO of Hybris (SAP Customer Experience)
"Michael is an experienced and knowledgeable product and digital commerce expert. With deep understanding of the software vendor side as well as customer challenges he can perfectly connect the dots and build complex, sophisticated products to address those needs. Michael can work in cross functional high performance teams and was instrumental in bringing some of our key products to market. He is broadly interested in new technologies, products and approaches."
Boris Lokschin
CEO and co-founder, Spryker Systems

B2C, B2B, Marketplaces

I designed Ecommerce solutions for retail and services businesses, DIY stores, and direct-to-consumer manufactures. I worked with B2C, B2B, and digital marketplaces. 

If you have complex business requirements for digital commerce implementation, I would love to hear from you!

Digital Commerce Roadmap

I will help you define Digital business strategy and create a realistic implementation plan that aligns business needs with technology requirements. You will get recommendations on best practices, advice on new industry trends that benefit your business and discover new opportunities to increase online revenue.

"Michael’s structured and thorough approach helped us to define the roadmap for our complex B2B project. He worked effectively and proactively with stakeholders at all levels, gave us invaluable advice, and significantly improved decision-making. Michael’s deep knowledge of the Ecommerce domain will benefit any company working on complex digital commerce implementation."
Thomas Forkel
Wöhner GmbH & Co.KG
"Zolemba is a leading producer of printed labels for different industries and has very complex and non-standard Ecommerce requirements. We have engaged Michael to analyze our needs and provide recommendations on a new Ecommerce platform and strategy. Using his well-structured Digital Commerce Canvas methodology Michael has helped us to define our Digital Strategy, and recommended best practices that benefit Zolemba’s business. Michael has an encyclopedic knowledge of Digital Commerce and I can highly recommend him to any business looking for commerce innovation."
Marthijn Kieneker
CEO, Zolemba

Combine with Training

Combine roadmap discovery workshops based on the Digital Commerce Canvas framework with customized Ecommerce training to discover the best Ecommerce practices and functionality that will benefit your business.

Ecommerce training by Michael Vax

Fit learning Ecommerce into your busy schedule with Microlearning posts.
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Harness AI Advantage

AI-Powered Ecommerce is the ultimate resource for professionals who want to understand and utilize AI’s transformative potential. It is the blueprint for understanding and applying AI, giving your business just the edge you’ve been waiting for.

The book aims to guide your exploration of the strategic implications of Artificial Intelligence for an online business. It’s not a technical manual or a list of -by-step instructions. Look at it as a toolkit designed to aid you, eCommerce professionals and entrepreneurs, extract the best from what AI offers to enhance and revolutionize your business.


Readers get a detailed analysis of eCommerce use cases for leveraging AI, recommendations on developing an AI vision and strategy for their business, and selecting the best technology to implement it.