Do we Need a Better ERP for Ecommerce?

A better ERP system is needed for online businesses

This article started as a part of the research I am doing on ERP that can support a modern digital commerce business. That led to several questions to explore: How has Ecommerce changed the business and requirements to backend s/w needed to operate it? Why may a legacy ERP not fit the bill? What would […]

Click&Collect has entered the International Vocabulary

Click and collect example

One of the best indications of Ecommerce growth is how its jargon has entered the common lexicon worldwide. In 2021 Clic&Collect became a term that does not require translation. I saw this store when walking in Barcelona. What caught my eye was the array of Click&Collect lockers replacing one of the store’s windows. Lockers are […]

How to Build a Marketplace

Enterprise marketplace

Here are my slides from the presentation at Ecommerce Tech Summit at It is very likely, that your next Ecommerce project will be to develop a marketplace. Implementing a Marketplace is not a simple matter, and marketplaces are quite different when it comes to digital commerce functionality. This talk will capture the main characteristics […]

Ecommerce Training to close Skills Gap

The explosive growth of digital commerce across all markets and industries led to a common challenge. Many businesses are expanding their Ecommerce initiatives while others are starting new ones. Businesses need more people with Ecommerce Expertise, but the true mastery of Ecommerce takes many years of practical, hands-on application. Thus it is not surprising that […]

Digital Commerce Canvas – the best way to plan Ecommerce project

Digital COmmerce Canvas

Defining functionality for an Ecommerce project is a complex and daunting task. When faced with a complex problem, I prefer to take a top-down approach to understand the challenge and find a solution. I want to see the big picture and all its components before diving into details. Even better if the top-down perspective can […]

Ecommerce Podcasts

Best Ecommerce podcasts

I want to share with you several great podcasts that cover digital commerce topics. They are quite different in format and the topics they cover. These shows give a good insight into our industry and introduce great people and their unique professional insights. Here is my list, in no particular order. If you know other […]

Are Vending Machines your new digital channel?

Using vending machines as digital channel

Vending machines were invented at the end of the 19th century. In most people’s minds, a vending machine’s mental image is a box filled with water bottles, candy bars, and cookies that always takes your cash and sometimes dispenses goods. That was in the past. Microchips, software, touchscreens, and the Internet made their way in […]