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I am Michael Vax, an eCommerce veteran who led product development at several major eCommerce platforms:


That experience gave me a unique insider view of how Ecommerce has evolved from a niche industry for online retailers to a cornerstone of every modern business. Over these years, I had opportunities to develop eCommerce solutions catering to various industries, encompassing retail, manufacturing, grocery stores, restaurants, telecommunications, finance, travel, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

Having worked closely with many clients, I realized that in many organizations, the success of digital initiatives is hindered by the lack of eCommerce proficiency and knowledge. To address this challenge in 2019, I founded CommerceIsDigital with a clear goal to create comprehensive training programs and consulting services tailored to professionals implementing B2C and B2B eCommerce initiatives, effectively addressing this pressing skill gap.

These programs helped hundreds of professionals to become experts in digital commerce.

I am a regular speaker on podcasts and industry events, write extensively on eCommerce best practices and the application of artificial intelligence in eCommerce, and published a book on use of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce.

Michael Vax

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Ecommerce expert, Michael Vax

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