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My name is Michael Vax, and I created CommerceIsDigital to help companies of all sizes to implement digital commerce initiatives and upskill their teams. I am working with customers to define Ecommerce vision and strategy, prioritize functionality, and build a long-term roadmap using a unique top-down approach – the Digital Commerce Canvas framework.  CommerceIsDigital offers self-paced and instructor-led training to help businesses improve in-house skills to take greater control of Ecommerce and digital marketing. Courses are based on our extensive library of Ecommerce knowledge and proven best practices from different industries and businesses.

I am an Ecommerce industry veteran with 30 years of IT experience, including more than a decade as a hands-on executive leading the development of major enterprise Ecommerce platforms and helping customers to move their business online.

In the past, I was fortunate to work for such industry leaders as Hybris (SAP), Spryker, and Elasticpath. 

My experience gave me a unique insider view on how Ecommerce has evolved from a niche industry for online retailers to a cornerstone of every modern business. E-Commerce world has gone through awesome changes in such a short period of time. It became as popular in the B2B world as it is in B2C. Service industries, from travel to insurance, started to sell online. Legacy manufacturers are reinventing themselves by selling direct-to-consumer, and the line between physical and digital commerce is blurring. There is a growing online-to-offline trend when successful Ecommerce companies are opening retail locations, and Digital Commerce is invading the physical world with smart checkouts, digital mirrors in dressing rooms, and Amazon Go stores.

Many companies are either moving towards digital commerce or starting a new digital-native business, and, as the coronavirus highlighted, not every business was moving fast enough.

Such explosive growth of digital commerce across different markets and industries comes at a cost and led to common implementation challenges:

  • Established businesses with legacy systems and business processes were attempting to replicate them with online tools instead of adopting best ecommerce practices and focusing on customer experience.
  • New digital-native companies consider their business to be truly unique and were not taking advantage of existing ecommerce experience and systems
  • Many Ecommerce projects were staffed with people without previous ecommerce experience, and there was no easy way to train them
  • Best digital commerce practices were not shared and adopted across different industries

The Digital Commerce Canvas has been introduced to address these challenges.

When it comes to Ecommerce, different businesses and industries have more in common than what differentiates them. CommerceIsDigital.com describes digital commerce functionality using examples from different types of businesses and industries. It gives a structured approach to planning and executing Ecommerce projects and an easy way to train and align your team.

Michael Vax

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