I cannot buy it If I cannot find it!

Even established and well-known online retailers such as Dell make merchandising mistakes and make it ridiculously difficult for customers to find the products they want.

πŸ›’Shopping for Ultrasharp, curved, 5Kx2K Dell monitor

πŸ˜’It is not in the Curved monitor category

πŸ˜’It is not in the 4K+ resolution category

OK, I am a savvy shopper who has done research online and knows the model number and how to use in-store search.
πŸ”Found it, but I was an inch away from going to Amazon

After thinking a bit, I think I know the root cause of this problem.
In the catalog, they have defined a single product – UltrSharp Monitor.
Then, they defined several product variants using screen sizes from 27 to 43 inches.

Only some product variants of this monitor are curved, and some of them are 4K+. The category assignment is done on the product level, ignoring variant-specific attributes.

β€Ό Merchants, stop losing customers and money. Invest in quality of product data and merchandising and in eCommerce systems that can support your needs.

☺On the positive side, I look forward to getting the new monitor with so much real estate. It should be a productivity booster.

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