πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ›’πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ How to Streamline Collaboration and Approval of B2B E-commerce Shopping Carts!

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In B2B e-commerce, collaboration is critical, as multiple stakeholders often play a role in placing orders. To optimize this process, B2B platforms must offer functionality enabling seamless sharing of shopping carts among colleagues. Let’s explore how this and other features can enhance collaboration and streamline the approval process in B2B shopping carts:

1️⃣ Shopping Cart Sharing:

In B2B transactions, it’s common for several individuals to contribute to the ordering process.

To facilitate efficient collaboration, your B2B e-commerce platform should provide robust functionality to share shopping carts. This allows team members to easily collaborate on order selections and make collective decisions, improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

2️⃣ Cart Sharing Beyond the Online Store:

Businesses often require the ability to share shopping carts outside the online store environment.

To address this need, consider implementing features that allow users to generate links to carts or product lists. These links can be conveniently shared via email or messaging apps.

3️⃣ Commenting and Internal References:

To foster effective collaboration, the shopping cart page should include additional functionality.

Customers should be able to add comments to the cart or specific items, facilitating communication and providing context for order selections.

Additionally, some customers may want to include order references from their internal procurement systems to aid in internal purchase reconciliation.

4️⃣ Decision-Making Support:

The cart page is a crucial point for customers to make final purchase decisions. Design your cart page in a way that assists in this decision-making process. Enable shoppers to review and compare their chosen items, ensuring that the order total aligns with their budget or qualifies for applicable promotions, such as free shipping.

5️⃣ Cart Approval Process:

One of the most common use cases for shopping cart sharing is cart approval. Implement an Approval Process feature that enables B2B customers to configure single or multistep approval workflows.

When the cart total exceeds a pre-configured threshold, shoppers may require managerial approval before placing the order, so you can maintain control over purchasing decisions and adhere to internal authorization processes.

Consider the specific needs of your B2B customers, as some businesses may require multiple approval steps based on the price and products being purchased.

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