πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ›’πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“9 critical skills to learn with B2B Ecommerce Implementation course

B2B Ecommerce free training
  1. Harnessing the Power of Content: Discover how to effectively leverage content to educate customers about your products, enabling them to make informed decisions and find the right solutions.
  2. Optimizing Online Store for Business Users: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your Ecommerce store for business users, ensuring optimal productivity and a seamless user experience.
  3. Selling Complex Products Online: Explore proven methods and approaches for successfully selling complex products through digital channels, addressing unique challenges, and maximizing sales potential.
  4. Modeling B2B Organizational Structures: Understand how to model the organizational structure of B2B customers within an Ecommerce platform, enabling streamlined workflows and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders.
  5. Exploring B2B Pricing and Payment Methods: Gain insights into the diverse range of B2B pricing and payment methods, and learn how to implement them effectively to cater to specific customer needs and preferences.
  6. Implementing B2B Checkout and Order Fulfillment: Delve into different approaches to implementing B2B checkout processes and order fulfillment systems, optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  7. Developing Backend Integrations: Gain valuable insights into developing backend integrations to seamlessly connect your Ecommerce platform with other systems, enhancing operational efficiency and data flow.
  8. Empowering the Internal Sales Team: Discover how to harness the potential of online commerce to empower your internal sales team, equipping them with tools and strategies to drive sales growth and customer satisfaction.
  9. Implementing a Collaborative Purchasing Process: Learn strategies and techniques to establish a purchasing process that fosters collaboration and accommodates complex workflows within your organization.

The course includes 40 interactive exercises to apply new knowledge to Ecommerce implementation in your business.

B2B Ecommerce training for business

B2B Ecommerce Training for Business Leaders

Master B2B Ecommerce with the course designed for business leaders, managers, and marketers. Gain a robust understanding of B2B eCommerce fundamentals, empowering you with digital commerce skills and knowledge of best B2B practices and digital marketing. Learn to optimize the customer experience for productivity, enhancing online sales of complex products and services. Explore the best strategies for building a successful eCommerce organization, including team structures, talent acquisition, and agency selection. The course demystifies eCommerce tech jargon for non-technical professionals and explains technology choices.

B2B Ecommerce free training

Digital Commerce for B2B Business

The course explores in great detail all aspects of B2B Ecommerce implementation. It empowers you with digital commerce skills, knowledge of best B2B practices, and approaches to selling products or services online to other businesses. It teaches how to create a customer experience optimized for productivity that supports online sales of complex products and services. Learn B2B customer journeys, how to empower sales teams with digital tools, implement custom pricing, and many other B2B-specific Ecommerce features.

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Courses for Business Leaders, Managers, Marketers

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Harness AI Advantage

AI-Powered EcommerceΒ is the ultimate resource for professionals who want to understand and utilize AI’s transformative potential. It is the blueprint for understanding and applying AI, giving your business just the edge you’ve been waiting for.

The book aims to guide your exploration of the strategic implications of Artificial Intelligence for an online business. It’s not a technical manual or a list of -by-step instructions. Look at it as a toolkit designed to aid you, eCommerce professionals and entrepreneurs, extract the best from what AI offers to enhance and revolutionize your business.


Readers get a detailed analysis of eCommerce use cases for leveraging AI, recommendations on developing an AI vision and strategy for their business, and selecting the best technology to implement it.