MVP is NOT the final destination

The right approach to MVP implementation in Ecommerce project

Most of the organizations implementing Ecommerce have adopted an agile MVP approach for Ecommerce project implementation.

This is definitely good, as it helps an organization focus on the most important functionality and get faster to the first release, and deliver business value.

Not every project does MVP correctly

Two of the most common problems, I see, are

1. People focus too much on the first letter in the MVP abbreviation M (minimum), forgetting about the second one V (viable). In a rush to meet the date, there is a risk of releasing something that does not bring enough value and is not adopted by customers.

Questions to ask before the release – 

  • Does the solution provides value to your customers? 
  • Would customers enjoy using it? 
  • Does it help with Ecommerce adoption?

2. MVP is just the first step in a long journey of delivering the best digital experience to your customers. Don’t build roadblocks for yourself. Avoid decisions that will cost you a fortune to redo later.

You need to know where you want your Ecommerce solution to be in 2-3 years, what your strategy is, and how it is going to evolve.


  1. The Agile MVP approach is great. Use it to get value to your customers.
  2. Keep the scope as small as possible, but the first release must be Viable.
  3. Avoid MVP decisions that would make reaching your strategic goals impossible or require expensive rework.

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