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Best Ecommerce podcasts

I want to share with you several great podcasts that cover digital commerce topics. They are quite different in format and the topics they cover. These shows give a good insight into our industry and introduce great people and their unique professional insights.

Here is my list, in no particular order. If you know other good Ecommerce podcasts, please add them in the comments.

🎧 The State of Commerce Experience, by Brian Walker

The podcast features interesting discussions with commerce industry thought-leaders who share their views on industry trends, evolving customer expectations, Β and how businesses innovate to meet them. I had the pleasure to know Brian from his days at Forester and when we both have worked at Hybris. His knowledge of the industry and sense of humor makes listening to this podcast a great experience.

🎧  CTO-CTO Podcast, by Piotr Karwatka, former CTO of Divante

This podcast is for a more technical crowd and is focused on eCommerce, technology trends, and startups. Piotr interviews entrepreneurs and industry leaders about Ecommerce and building great software. I had the honor to be a guest on his show, with the episode coming later in the year.

β€πŸŽ§ At the Coalface Podcast – by Jason Greenwooβ€ͺd

This is a recent addition to my playlist. Coalface podcast follows a different format that Jason calls a diary-style podcast. Jason covers in a great deal of detail a lot of Ecommerce and digital topics. I thoroughly enjoyed his episode on implementing Click & Collect – Let’s Talk About Click & Collect! The What, Why and How –Β 

🎧 RE:PLATFORM podcast, by James Gurd and Paul Roger

The re:platform podcast features interviews with industry leaders and practical advice on making better technology decisionsβ€”many good case studies and noteworthy guests.

🎧 CommerceTomorrow by Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig

The podcast hosts interview recognized technology leaders who share how technology is driving their business. They discuss the latest developments and technologies used at global brands and retailers.


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